Toyota Avalon 2022; Top 5 Pros & Cons

Know about the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Toyota Avalon and its prices

Toyota Avalon 2022, the Japanese sedan produced by the global Toyota company, comes with new standard specifications and beautiful additions.

Toyota Avalon 2022 (Toyota avalon 2022The new Toyota brand is one of the first cars in the mid-size sedan category, which enjoys smoothness with a combination of strength, high-end touches and an aggressive look, which has won the approval of customers. Get to know us about its most important advantages, disadvantages and prices.

Historic Toyota Avalon 2022

The Toyota Avalon was produced in 1994 as a replacement for the Toyota Crown model by Toyota Motor Corporation of America. Then its production moved to the Middle East. and Canada. It appeared in six generations, starting from 1994, in which the first generation was released, then the second generation in 1999, the third from 2004, the fourth from 2011 to 2012, the fifth in 2013, and finally the sixth from 2019 until now. It was initially characterized by a simple design and small size, and then gradually evolved to become one of the most luxurious medium-sized sedans.

Dimensions of Toyota Avalon 2022

It is characterized by a relatively large size compared to other sedans of the same class as shown by its dimensions mentioned in the following table:

the descriptionSize
length4.978 m
show it1.849 m
its height1.435 m
Storage box space456 liters

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Toyota avalon 2022 specifications

The Japanese Toyota Avalon 2022 cars were distinguished by new updates that included both its exterior and interior, which gave it elegance and luxury. As shown below:

The appearance of the Toyota Avalon from the outside

Toyota made some changes to the 2022 Avalon, giving it a stylish, harmonious look. It included adding a touch of modernity to traditional sedans, as its exterior structure has more sharp lines, a low roof and the headlights of the high-beam LED system, and it has become less thin, while the rear part features a new rear hatch that gives it a lot of elegance and sophistication. It is also distinguished by the sporty shape of the exhaust pipe and tires, with a wheelbase of 2,870 metres.

The interior of the cabin of the Toyota Avalon 2022

Toyota Avalon cabin interior design
Toyota Avalon from the inside

The Toyota Avalon 2022 was distinguished by new updates that included both the exterior body and the interior cabin, which gave it more elegance and luxury. The cabin of the Avalon 2022 was distinguished by luxury, as it combined soft surfaces such as original aluminum and artificial leather, which includes seat upholstery, steering wheel and large space, so we find that the new Toyota Avalon can accommodate five people.

Avalon’s spacious, flexible seats have plenty of headroom and wedges, providing ride comfort in both rows for tall people, with two full sets of LATCH car connectors attached to the rear seat child seats. We find that the information and entertainment system is distinct and easy to use, as it contains a touch screen size with easy-to-operate controls, and the ability to start the car with the push of a button without a key.

The cabin is very efficient at suppressing external noise and wind sounds. In addition to the automatic dual-zone climate control, which provides a quiet and comfortable driving. The car also has Apple carplay, Bluetooth, Android Auto, 8-speaker radio, Wi-Fi, five-port USB, Amazon Alexa, and GPS as standard.

The storage space is one of the disadvantages of the car, as it is not large compared to its competitors from other cars, but it is relatively reasonable because it is a sedan. This problem can be solved and the space increased by folding the seats in the rear sofa 40/60, which enables the transportation and storage of long items.

Avalon engine 2022

The 2022 Avalon comes with two types of engines:

  • A six-cylinder, front-wheel drive (6-V) engine with a capacity of 301 hp, a capacity of 3.5 liters and a torque of 362 Nm, with the use of an eight-speed automatic transmission. We find that it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.0 seconds.
  • A four-cylinder, 202-horsepower 2.5-liter hybrid electric motor that is mated to a CVT automatic transmission.

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The different classes of Toyota Avalon 2022

Toyota Avalon classes
Multiple classes of Avalon

Toyota Avalon revealed five categories: XLE, Limited, Touring, XSE Night Shade and TRD, and each model differs from the other in terms of its specifications and also the price of each of them is shown as follows:

Toyota Avalon XLE

It represents the basic design of the Avalon models and is spread in the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, and is characterized by the ability to start with the push of a button without a key, and we find that it contains a 9-inch touch screen, 8 speakers, as well as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, and five USB ports, Radio, Wi-Fi, leather interior upholstery for seats and steering wheel, automatic dual-zone interior air conditioning, heated exterior mirrors.

Limited class

This category features a sunroof, a head-up display with an advanced navigation system, ambient lighting headlights, and a charging system wireless And also heating for the front and back seats.

Touring category

It has a stylish look as the front seats are suede, with black accents on the rear spoiler and grille, with a sport exhaust, and superior outside noise control.

XSE Night Shade Series

This class of Toyota Avlon was distinguished by the presence of a sunroof, a distinctive interior with suede front seats, and touches of elegant black color for the window edges, door handles and a wireless charging plate

Toyota Avalon TRD series

Represents the highest segment of the Toyota Avalon models and is distinguished by a mixture of synthetic leather and suede leather that covers the interior parts, with the addition of the TRD logo to the floor mats, exhaust and badging, with more luxury by adding accents of red to the steering wheel, badges, and headrests Seat belts and floor mats.

The Toyota Camry is one of the cars that always stands out when talking about the Toyota Avalon, but the new Avalon sedan toyota is better in terms of comfort, luxury and sophistication in general.

New Avalon 2022 Features

Toyota Avalon has many great features that help the driver, the most important of which are:

  • Its high quality makes it almost as good as a Lexus car.
  • Upscale and luxurious interior and exterior features.
  • Radar cruise control.
  • Availability of hybrid classes.
  • Great engine with amazing acceleration capability.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system.
  • It received the highest rating in safety and crash tests from the US National Road Safety Administration, NHTSA.
  • According to the American EPA, the fuel efficiency rating agency, it has received good ratings in terms of consumption rate.
  • It has a medium reliability score based on customer satisfaction and product quality surveys, reaching 80 out of 100, which is a good score compared to its competitors.

Safety and reliability factors are standard. Toyota Avalon’s safety features include collision warning systems, pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, cruise control and lane departure alert, as well as a rear-view camera with the ability to monitor blind spot and pay attention to rear traffic.

Toyota Avalon prices

Toyota Avalon prices
Toyota Avalon 2022

The prices of Toyota Avalon cars in the market vary depending on the different categories and the different country in which they are located, and we find them in many Arab countries such as: Bahrain, the UAE, and the Abdul Latif Showroom in Saudi Arabia. These prices are as follows:

XLEStarting at $31,000
LimitedStarting at $33,000
TouringStarting at $36,000
XSE Night ShadeStarting at $44,000
TRDStarting at $46,500

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Disadvantages of Avalon 2022

According to the opinions of some customers, we find that they complained about some defects in the Toyota Avalon, such as:

  • Small storage and charging space.
  • Its price is high, its basic price is above average.
  • The all-wheel drive feature is only available on two Toyota Avalon models.
  • The front grille is large and open.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Avalon 2022

From here, we find that the Toyota Avalon 2022 represents a mixture of sophistication and luxury combined together in an updated hybrid sedan through unique external features, streamlined and strong, and an interior design with high-end touches that has been greatly appreciated by customers, along with many technical, entertainment and safety features that may We mentioned it earlier.

85% Fantastic: Toyota Avalon 2022 review

Toyota Avalon 2022, the updated version, the power of Japanese cars and luxury sedan, with more streamlining and an aggressive shape with the highest safety means to provide comfort on the road.

  • the performance
  • Interior Design
  • Fittings
  • Safety
  • Criteria


  • High level of safety while driving
  • Good resale value


  • Relatively small storage space
  • Its prices are high compared to its competitors

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