Toyota Rise 2022; Learn about the most important specifications and disadvantages of Toyota Raize

Toyota Rise 2022 is an SUV with a sporty and elegant design that is spacious in the interior, with stability in maneuvering and savings in fuel consumption.

The all-new 2022 Toyota Raize comes with a stylish and modern design that elevates driving pleasure and luxury. Toyota Raize offers different driving systems and great specifications, as it is classified among the multi-purpose sports cars, belonging to the SUV family from the Japanese company Toyota with its uniqueness and distinctive character Toyota Raize is a car that is suitable for small families as well as young people due to its small size. Here are the most important specifications, advantages and disadvantages of Toyota Raize 2022, as well as the prices of Toyota Raize 2022.

Dimensions Toyota Ryz 2022

The design was bold and distinctive, which earned it a wide spread worldwide and high sales, due to its compatibility with many of what young people are looking for.

the descriptionSize
height(4030) mm
the offer(1710) mm
Height(1635) mm

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Toyota Rise 2022 specifications

It is one of the crossover models that comes with excellent mechanical specifications and an attractive sporty appearance, as it enjoys strong performance and quality in fuel consumption with stability during maneuvers and comfort during driving.

car interior specifications

car interior specifications
car interior specifications

With the small size of the model, it is characterized by a spacious interior space that accommodates 5 adults in a comfortable sitting, with excellent storage space and the ability to move the second row seats to increase the storage capacity, to be reviewed in the following:

  • Vehicle infotainment system:
    It comes with a 7-inch screen that supports Apple and Android drivers, with a front USB port for charging, 4 speakers, and Bluetooth.
  • It comes with adjustable driver seat height to ensure comfort when driving.
  • The car has front interior floor lighting that works automatically.
  • The air conditioning system is automatic with manual control for the front and rear seats.
  • Luggage compartment capacity of 369 liters with separate space for the spare wheel and maintenance tools.
  • It features a smart entry system with electric control of all windows for the driver only.
  • The seats are well furnished with a comfortable design.
  • There are also buttons on the steering wheel to control the car’s interior systems.
  • In addition to sunscreens fitted with a mirror.

Exterior car specifications

Exterior car specifications
Exterior car specifications

Toyota Reiz has a beautiful, distinctive and strong exterior, as the rear corners of the car enhance the width with black-colored decorations that give it a feeling of luxury, and there are more features, including:

  • car headlights:
    The front lights come in halogen or LED, depending on the category, with daytime running lights, and the rear lights are LED for both.
  • The process of unlocking the car is done remotely via the remote control device.
  • Electric side mirrors.
  • It features a rear spoiler that increases the luxury and width of the car.
  • Tire sizes:
    The size of the tires varies depending on the class, as the Toyota Rize XLE comes with 16-inch tires and the limited class with 17-inch tires with aluminum rims.

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Toyota Rise 2022 classes

The car is available in two options, XLE and Limited, the two classes differ mainly in engines and fuel efficiency, we learn about the most prominent models and specifications in the following:

Class I XLE

  • The engine is 3-cylinder with a capacity of 1.2 liters.
  • The maximum power of the car is 87 hp with a variable sequential transmission (CVT).
  • The car offers a maximum torque of 113 N. m / 4500 d. Dr..
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 36 liters.
  • With a fuel efficiency of 20.2 km/l.
  • Comes with halogen headlights and plastic steering wheel.

Class II Limited

  • It is available with a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.0 liter turbo.
  • The maximum power of the engine is 97 hp with CVT.
  • It has a maximum torque of 140 Nm / 2400-4000 rpm. Dr..
  • It also has a fuel efficiency of 19.3 km/l.

The model also features a premium leather steering and transmission with LED headlights and automatic turn signals as additional features with the Limited Class.

Safety and security features

The car has a high level of safety and security means so that the driver can enjoy comfort and safety while driving. We refer to some of them, which come in the form of a standard:

  • Airbags are available in the front cabin.
  • It has electronic brake force distribution with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
  • Provides an anti-theft system by immobilizing the engine.
  • Driving position control (PWR) system.
  • Hill-start assist system (HAC).
  • It comes with a rear camera in addition to rear parking sensors.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system.
  • It also has electronic stability and balance control system (VSC).

Disadvantages of Toyota Rise 2022

There are some disadvantages that have caught the attention of users of the new model, which are:

  • Plastic dominates many components of the front cabin and is one of the most modest materials in the automotive world.
  • In this version, the engine of the model is relatively weak compared to its competitors in the crossover class (crossover).

Toyota Rise 2022 Prices

Toyota Rise Prices
Toyota Rise Prices

Toyota raize prices change depending on the type of engine used and its power. Here are the prices in the Arab markets according to the category:

The stateCategoryprice
Saudi ArabiaXLE(63.595) SAR
Saudi ArabiaLIMITED(69,575) SAR
UAEXLE(57,500) UAE dirhams
UAELIMITED(62.500) UAE dirhams
KuwaitXLE(4,790) Kuwaiti dinars
KuwaitLIMITED(5.150) Kuwaiti dinars

Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Ryz 2022

The exterior of the Toyota Reiz 2022 is characterized by a modern sporty design, with the latest technologies and the finest materials, which gives the car stability when driving off-road, and it was launched at a competitive price in the market, which attracted the buyer to it.

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